SonicSeedBox Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide free seedbox?

Yes, we do provide free seedbox, with some limitation.

2. What is your free seedbox limitation?

Free user only able to download up to 2 torrents in a day. All torrents will be removed automatically after 24 hours of generation. Please read our free package at pricing page to see more.

3. Do you provide FTP download?

Yes, we provide FTP download, for premium user only. We recommended using Filezilla to access your FTP account.

4. If I didn't renew my premium membership, will my files removed?

Yes. Please extend your premium membership before it expire to prevent file lost.

5. Do you provide ruTorrent interface?

No. We have our own user friendly interface, that can be access on your mobile too.

6. How to pay?

We have multiple payment method available. You can pay using your credit card through Paypal.

7. Do you support private torrent?


8. Do your seedbox seed the torrent after complete downloading? What is your ratio?

Yes, we do seed premium user's private torrent. We set the ratio of seeding by maximum of 5:1, and minimum of 3:1

9. When will my account upgraded to premium?

If you made payment from our website, your account upgraded to premium instantly after payment. If you didn't see any changes, please contact us at [email protected]

If you have any question, send us any email at [email protected]